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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Today it was strike in Kerala. The reason for the strike is the increased cost of Petrol and Diesel. So we get one day to sleep. I think in India, Kerala is the 1st state for strike and such problems. Our 5th semester classes are started. But most of the teachers have paper valuation duty. So the periods are free. Only Maths is started. We have 6 theory papers and 2 labs. The theory papers are DBMS, OS, Maths, LP etc and DBMS and Microprocessor are the lab subjects. Due to rain the journey to the college is very difficult. My cousin sisters Karthika, Athira and Deepa chichi are here. My 4th semester lab exam will be on July 1st week. My site got more than 500 visitors. Thanks to all of you. OK.


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