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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Windows Live Messenger v8.0

MSN Messenger is no more and is being renamed to windows live messenger. Main Features of Windows Live Messenger > Change of Messenger Skins > Real-time Emotions > Messenger Built Internal Windows Media Player 10 > Pause/Resumed File Transfers (File Blocked Extension Applied) > Detailed File Transfer (Download/Upload Speed) > Animated Display Pictures (.gif .jpg .png (File Support under Consideration)) > Mood Status > Faster Contact List Loading and scrolling > Public Profile and MSN Spaces Combined > More MSN Space features > New Hotmail and MSN Messenger Integration > Downloadable MSN Messenger on Mobile > News Updates according to Location > Top 10 MSN Music Radio > New Stylish Notifier Pop-up > Downloadable Skins for MSN (Contact Window & Conversation Window) > Complete Integration with Windows XP & Windows Vista > Offline Voice/Message Machine > Animated Buddy Icon Helper > Display Picture Ratings I was waiting for Offline messages & Pause/Resumed File Transfers features in MSN messneger. But only one problem is its size, 17Mb to download. So iam waiting for a final version to download else i will try to download after my exam. Do you want to try? Here is the link to download.


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